About Us

Chickamauga Battlefield Museum, Relics, and American Heritage Tours is designed to educate the public about the American Civil War 1861-1865 within the context of the culture and conflict. Our goal is to give the visitors interested in the Chattanooga Campaign of mid to late 1863 a favorable onsite experience which leads them to a better understanding of a series of battles which ultimately gave the United States a victory over Confederate State's forces thus opening the "Gateway to the Confederacy".

The Battlefield Museum contains exhibits of weapons and relics with their interpretation for visitor engagement. The Museum also sells both dug, non-dug civil war relics and artifacts from the period of conflict known as the American Civil War. The items we sale inculde;  art, firearms; rifles, carbines, pistols, revolvers, swords, sabers, textiles, leather accourements, cap boxes, cartridge boxes, belts and buckles, artillery related shells and fuses; paper goods, and a variety of Confederate and Union buttons. All items for sale that have been recovered are from private property with the property owners consent. No relics have been recovered from any city, county, state, or federal property. All items for sale that are designated as authentic is guaranteed.

Our organization will be offering tours tours again beginning in April) that focus on the battles around Chattanooga and North Georgia. Be sure to check for times, schedules and tour features.

Our organization is managed by Director Stephen B. McKinney, MA & MPA and is a well-known life long Civil War buff that began his study of this subject as a student in the 5th grade which later grew into Civil War reenacting, collecting, and teaching. He is a graduate of Auburn University where he earned a bachelors degree; later a Master of Public Administration from Auburn University Montgomery and a Master of Arts with Honors in Military History/Civil War from American Military University. Stephen has served as an adjutant instructor in at Cleveland State Community College, designed U.S. Army Staff Rides; written and published articles, and either appeared or provided technical advice in over twenty motion picture productions, documentaries, or historical presentations. Stephen has a long association with renowned Civil War artist Don Troiani where he provided research for some of his most well known paintings. In addition, he has served in Civil War reenacting since 1976 at all ranks from private to brigadier general and is today active in the hobby.

In the future we will be conducting a variety of guided tours of the Battlefields of N. Georgia and Southeast Tennessee. Please check back often to check on our progress for delivering a unique visitor experience while making history live!

In association with Mr. McKinney is a group of partners and employees who share his passion and knowledge for history.